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  • Mini Plastic Screen Clamps 12-Piece Set
  • 2x Epoxy Glue Gel Adhesive to Fix iPad 2/3/4 Air Mini Screen Repair Replacement
  • 2x Metal Spudger Opening Tool
  • Opening Repair Tool Kit for Apple iPhone
  • Mini Plastic Screen Clamps 4-Piece Set
  • Comprehensive Repair Tool Kit For iDevices & Android
  • 2x Pentalobe Screwdriver for iPhone 4/4s/5/6 Plus 5-Star Cell Phone Repair Tool
  • 2x Tri-wing Screwdriver
  • Opening Repair Tool Kit For Apple iPad Tablets
  • 12 Torx Six 5-Point Star Mini Specialty Screwdriver For iPhone 7/Samsung Galaxy
  • 2x T4 Torx Screwdriver
  • 20x Lot Blue Plastic Pry Tools for iPhone Cell Phone Opening Repair Scratch-Safe
  • 2x Small Mini Phillips #00 Screwdriver Tool for iPhone Samsung Cell Phone Repair
  • 10x Lot Blue Plastic Pry Tools for iPod MP3 Player Opening Repair Scratch-Safe
  • 2x T6 Torx Star Screwdriver for Motorola/HTC/Nokia/Samsung Phone Repair Tool
  • 2x T3 Torx Screwdriver
  • 2x Small Flathead Screwdriver
  • 10x Sim Tray Removal Pin Metal Tool for Apple iPhone Samsung Cell Phone/Tablet
  • 11 Mini Specialty Screwdrivers Repair Kit For iPhone 6 6s 7 plus + Galaxy s7 s8
  • 2x T5 Torx Star Screwdriver for Motorola/HTC/Nokia/Samsung Cell Phone Repair

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