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  • Black Leather Case for Apple iPod Classic 80GB/120GB/160GB 6th 7th Generation
  • 3.5mm AUX Auxiliary Audio Jack to USB Converter Cable White Adapter 3-Ring
  • Hard Plastic Shell Case for iPod Classic (80gb/120gb/160gb)
  • Scratch-Safe Opening Tool Kit For iPhone 4S
  • Opening Repair Tool Kit for Apple iPhone
Mail-In Repair Service for iPod, iPhone, & iPad

Our mail-in repair service is the alternative option to ordering one of our DIY repair kits and following a detailed video tutorial to complete the repair on your own. If you do not feel comfortable repairing your own device after watching a repair tutorial or you just want the piece of mind knowing that it will be done right, you can spend a litle extra to have one of our professional repair technicians fix your device.

The standard turn around time is 7-10 days from the date you send out your device, under normal circumstances.

How It Works

  1. Determine Which Service You Need
    Navigate to your device and add the appropriate repair service to your cart. Some issues are more difficult to diagnose than others. If in doubt, or if you need multiple repairs, please contact us.
  2. Select Your Return Shipping Option
    Select an option based on your preference. Consider the transit time of the shipping option. If the repair is time sensitive you should sent it by a quick method.
  3. Send In Your Device
    After completing checkout you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions for sending in your device. You are free to send us your device by an carrier of your choice. Consider, again the transit time of the method your choose.
  4. Our Tech Verifies Issue(s) And Repairs Your Device
    After receiving your device our tech will check it into the system and verify the needed repairs. If there are any issues outside of the repair service that was ordered we will contact you before proceeding. Otherwise, the repair will be completed as normal.
  5. The Device is Shipped Back
    After the device is repaired we will send your device back by the method that you selected at checkout.


Question: What if I don't know what repair I need?
In this case simply order our no obligation diagnostic service.
Question: Can I track my repair status?
Yes, you can track your repair order through our website and see updates such as when the device arrives and when the repairs are complete. When the device is repaired and shipped back we'll email you the tracking number.
Question: What if my device is not repairable or I decide the resulting repair cost is too high?
If your device is not repairable or if after diagnosis other issues arise that bring the cost above your expectations, we can abandon the repair and send the device back to you. You will be refunded for any service costs already paid unless minus a small diagnostic fee.
Question: What are the payment options?
PayPal and credit/debit card are accepted forms of payment.
Question: Where do I send my device?
After placing a service order send your device to:
GadgetMenders - Service
200 E Centennial Dr., Unit 500
Oak Creek, WI 53154

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